The Hidden One: A Native American Legend
Drift Off · 20 minutes ·

The Hidden One: A Native American Legend

Tonight’s bedtime story is a gentle reading of a beautiful Native American Legend called The Hidden One which is included in the “Gifts of Story” series of storytelling by Aaron Shepard. This lovely legend is a Native American version of Cinderella.  Instead of background music, this story has soothing crackling fire sounds in the background to help enhance the feeling of cozy storytelling relaxation as you listen. The sounds continue after the story ends for a few extra seconds and then they gently fade away as you drift off 🙏🏻  So settle in under the covers and snuggle up tight...sweet dreamzzz and good night!

Story Attribution:
I am so grateful to Aaron Shepard and his beautiful adaptation of this Canadian Native American Tale which has been made available in his Gifts of Story Series

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