Fluoride: Friend or Foe [Podcast 74]

Fluoride: Friend or Foe [Podcast 74]

In this episode, Kathy and I will be talking about a controversial issue, which is the topic of fluoride in our water supply, food, and even our medications. For a more detailed article about the potential dangers of fluoride, click here. During this discussion, we will reveal:

  • How and why fluoride was added to our water supply
  • How I began to suspect the dangers of fluoride
  • Multiple studies linking higher levels of fluoride with lower IQ levels
  • How fluoride may help to shrink our jaws (but have less cavities)
  • How to minimize your daily exposure to fluoride.

Show Notes

OTC and prescription sleep aids

Original fluoride article

The Story of Fluoridation

Fluoride in otosclerosis article

Rat palatal shelf growth and fluoride 

Braces in pregnant rats given fluoride 

Fluoride and rat soothe movement 

Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico 

Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada

Decreased melatonin biosynthesis, calcium flux, pineal gland calcification and aging: a hypothetical framework

Fluoride and low thyroid levels 

Fluoride deposition in the aged human pineal gland

The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water Is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do about It

Complete List of Fluoride-Free Bottled Water

Fluoride Free Toothpaste 

How to detox from toxic fluoride

Medications with fluoride

Reverse osmosis water filter








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