Really struggling to see how we can get sufficient choline even with a good spread of plant-based sources”.

This was a message from a vegan parent I received on social media. They have heard that choline is important for the growth of vegan kids but question how to actually meet their child’s needs. And many other vegan parents question too, especially when their  vegan child is a picky eater or when they perceive their child isn’t eating enough. 

In today’s podcast, I am sharing two simple tips of how you can meet your child’s choline needs on a vegan diet and how choline supports the growth of your vegan kids. 

Here’s what we cover: 

>> A brief recap of my life events (i.e. I welcomed a new vegan family member!)
>> What is choline and it’s role in supporting a vegan child’s growth and development
>> How much choline do vegan kids need at each stage of growth
>> Plant-based food sources with the highest amount of choline
>> The one plant food that can help meet choline needs for vegan kids
>> How to think about meal planning so that you feel reassured your kids are meeting their choline needs

Links mentioned in the episode

>> Episode 9 - The Most Important Thing to Implement and Help Vegan Kids Try Foods
>> Vegan Kids Nutrition Blueprint course

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