Ep. 15 How Much Protein Do Vegan Kids Actually Need?
Vegan Kids Nutrition · 15 minutes ·

Ep. 15 How Much Protein Do Vegan Kids Actually Need?

Protein is the primary food to focus our meals around…or is it? 

We often hear about the importance of protein and that without enough of it, our bodies can’t thrive—especially that of vegan kids. Many of us want to ensure that our vegan kids are meeting their protein needs but often feel worried they’re not getting enough from the amount they eat at meal times. 

In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing the truth about how important protein is for vegan kids and how you can feel reassured that they’re getting enough. 

Here’s what we cover: 

>> Brief background on the Food Guide Pyramid and how society has placed so much emphasis on protein
>> The two major macronutrients that vegan kids need to support their growth
>> Percent of calories that vegan kids need from protein in their diet
>> Do vegan kids need protein powder? 
>> Top sources of plant protein
>> How to ensure you’re meeting your vegan kids protein needs without calculating anything

Links mentioned on this episode

>> Vegan Kids Nutrition Blueprint course
>> Vegan Kids Cookbook


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