Ep. 4: How to Turn Negative Comments Into a Lifestyle You Are Proud Of
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Ep. 4: How to Turn Negative Comments Into a Lifestyle You Are Proud Of

If you’ve ever been shamed, ridiculed or judged for choosing to raise your children on a vegan lifestyle, let me start off by saying I’m sorry. No parent—regardless of their chosen eating pattern—should ever have to experience this. 

It is too often that I hear from vegan parents just like you about negative experiences with family, friends, or healthcare providers simply because of the way you have chosen to raise your family. Yet, what others don’t see (or choose not to see) is that this is a lifestyle that brings more good to this world and for all of us in the vegan community, this is a lifestyle that feels right to us. 

So, in today’s episode, I’m giving you my exact framework for how I personally navigate negative comments and experiences when it comes to raising my own daughter on a vegan diet. This is a 4-step framework with suggestion phrases that you can say so that you ultimately feel confident in voicing your beliefs and values. And more importantly, in feeling proud as a vegan parent. 

Here’s what we cover: 

>> A visual exercise that continues to excite you about following a vegan lifestyle
>> My 4 tips on what to do or say when someone shares a negative comment 
>> Why ignorance isn’t the only reason others say negative comments to vegan parents
>> How acknowledging rather than justifying our values goes along way
>> The number one reason for remembering your ‘why’ for raising vegan children

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