Ep. 5: Are soy-based formulas safe for vegan babies?
Vegan Kids Nutrition · 18 minutes ·

Ep. 5: Are soy-based formulas safe for vegan babies?

Many families who choose to feed their vegan baby with infant formulas are often unsure whether soy-based infant formulas are safe. For majority of vegan parents, they fear that soy may have adverse effects on the growth and development of their baby. And for others, they wonder if a formula made from soy protein isolate is suitable for their vegan lifestyle. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing some insights about how soy-based infant formula can support your baby’s growth and development. So that you ultimately feel confident feeding your vegan baby with formula. 

Here’s what we cover:

>> My personal journey in nursing and the one reason I used infant formula to feed my daughter
>> The nutritional profile of what makes a soy-based infant formula adequate for infants
>> Why infant formulas contain sweeteners like corn syrup solids and their purpose in nutrition
>> How soy does not have negative reproductive outcomes
>> Is there currently a vegan infant formula on the market?
>> How a homemade recipe for a vegan infant formula is not appropriate
>> Why formulas marketed for toddlers are not adequate for infants

Links mentioned in this episode


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