Ep. 7 How to Overcome Feeling Concerned & Meal Plan with Confidence
Vegan Kids Nutrition · 12 minutes ·

Ep. 7 How to Overcome Feeling Concerned & Meal Plan with Confidence

Meal planning for your vegan kids can sometimes feel overwhelming. Some vegan parents feel concerned that they may be missing certain nutrients, others feel stuck on what to prepare for dinner or even school-lunch boxes, and others may feel like they’re just not good enough, leaving them feeling concerned about their vegan child’s overall diet.

The truth is that you can have more clarity and confidence in meal planning for your vegan family. And in today’s episode, I’m sharing with you the stories of two past clients who had these same challenges around meal planning but worked their way to feeling confident.  

Here’s what we cover: 

  • A quote around the fears and worries a vegan parent shared with me
  • The story behind how Kim broke free from the anxiety around feeding her vegan baby
  • The story of how Fernanda found clarity on how to meal plan for her picky eater
  • The one thing you can focus on to move forward in feeling confident as a vegan parent
  • A simple strategy to simplify your meal planning 

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