Ep. 8 The 5 Things You Need to Successfully Start Solids with Your Vegan Baby
Vegan Kids Nutrition · 16 minutes ·

Ep. 8 The 5 Things You Need to Successfully Start Solids with Your Vegan Baby

For many first time vegan parents, starting solids is both an exciting and overwhelming time. Many feel excited to start Baby Led Weaning on their vegan journey and others feel concerned about chocking, what first foods to offer, what equipment is needed like the best high chair, and what nutrients does a vegan baby need in this stage of growth. These are all concerns I had too when my daughter was about to start her vegan Baby Led Weaning journey! 

In this episode, I am sharing with you the 5 things you need to successfully start solids—whether starting with puree or Baby Led Weaning—so that you feel confident throughout your journey. 

Here’s what we cover:

>> My personal challenge in starting Baby Led Weaning with my vegan daughter

>> Answering the question of: “Can you wean your baby on a vegan diet?”

>> Why having patience is important at the start of solids

>> What it means when your vegan baby spits out food and what to do about it

>> What to look for when considering a high chair 

>> My number one recommendation for the best high chair for your baby 

>> Why an open cup is better than a sippy cup or 360 cup

>> How dietary fat is important when starting solids and what plant foods you can provide

Links mentioned on the episode: 

>> Free Vegan Baby Led Weaning Guide

>> First Foods for Vegan Baby Blog Post

>> The Vegan Baby Led Weaning Program (step-by-step online course to starting solids)

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