#11 Sarah Virag, Professional Photographer
Vegan Boss Radio · 58 minutes ·

#11 Sarah Virag, Professional Photographer

In this episode, we chat super-talented vegan photographer Sarah Virag. Fun fact: Sarah does all of our professional photoshoots, including the cover of this podcast! She's originally from Toronto, but has called Vancouver home for the last 5 years. Sarah is a passionate vegan and often uses her photography skills to capture different animal rights events. We talk about her vegan story, and she shares her dilemma with being a vegan that uses film in some of her photography and creative projects.

Show Notes: 

Sarah's website: https://www.sarahvirag.com/

Sarah's Instagram:@sarahvirag

Episode Sponsor:

This episode is sponsored by Plant Life Nutrition, located in Vancouver Canada. 2140 E Hastings St. To get 10% off products & services just head to @plantlifenutrition and comment "Vegan Boss" on their latest post. 

Website: www.plantlifenutrition.ca Instagram: @plantlifenutrition

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