#17 Desiree Nielsen, Dietitian, Author & Host of The Urban Vegetarian
Vegan Boss Radio · 71 minutes ·

#17 Desiree Nielsen, Dietitian, Author & Host of The Urban Vegetarian

Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian with an integrative focus, the host of TV’s The Urban Vegetarian and author of the new plant-based cookbook, Eat More Plants. Her practice focus is complex chronic digestive and inflammatory disease and plant-based approaches to optimal health. Tune in now and listen to our raw, honest, knowledge-filled interview with Desiree.

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Show Notes: 

Desiree's Instagram: @desireenielsenrd Website: www.desireerd.com 

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This episode is sponsored by Plant Life Nutrition, located in Vancouver Canada. 2140 E Hastings St. To get 10% off products & services just head to @plantlifenutrition and comment "Vegan Boss" on their latest post. 

Website: www.plantlifenutrition.ca Instagram: @plantlifenutrition

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