#2 What's The Deal With Soy?
Vegan Boss Radio · 29 minutes ·

#2 What's The Deal With Soy?

What's The Deal With Soy: Does it really cause "man-boobs"? In this episode Shawna Barker BSc., RHN breaks down some of the common myths about Soy and share the whole story of this in-depth topic. If you want to sound like an expert in your next vegan debate, have a pen and paper handy! 

Show Notes:  Synergy Nutrition Blog - https://www.synergynutrition.ca/blog/whats-the-deal-with-soy


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This episode is sponsored by Plant Life Nutrition, located in Vancouver Canada. 2140 E Hastings St.

Website - www.plantlifenutrition.ca Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/plantlifenutrition/


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