#29 Kimberly Renee - Founder of Might Be Vegan & Food Love
Vegan Boss Radio · 89 minutes ·

#29 Kimberly Renee - Founder of Might Be Vegan & Food Love

In this episode of Vegan Boss Radio, we interview Kimberly Renee, founder of Might Be Vegan. We chat with her about brand accountability in the day of social media influencers, vegan advocacy, social justice activism, her hunger relief program called Food Love, and her very unique vegan story!

Kimberly is a self-taught private chef, on-air personality noted for her infectious personality, and the founder of Might Be Vegan.

In the kitchen, she’s had the pleasure of serving busy executives, families, as well as celebrities and professional athletes. She’s also the creator behind the:

• national #FromMeatsToBeets Challenge,

• web series “Might Be Vegan presents The Trap Kitchen

• award-winning national COVID-19 hunger relief program, Food Love by Might Be Vegan,

• world’s largest vegan-only tailgate, #VeganAtTheGame, which served more than 1500 people at no cost in the city of Atlanta during Super Bowl LIII.

For her tasty recipes and community activism, Kimberly has been featured on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Essence.com, Cheddar, VegNews.com, ABC Portland, Fox Washington, and KTLA. She’s also made several guest host appearances on QVC.  Connect with her: 

IG: @itskimberlyrenee

Website: https://www.mightbevegan.co/

Carrd.co: https://kimberlyrenee.carrd.co/

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