#30 Métis & Plant Based - An Interview with our Mom
Vegan Boss Radio · 34 minutes ·

#30 Métis & Plant Based - An Interview with our Mom

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In this episode of Vegan Boss Radio, we interview our mom about her experience being Métis and plant based, the foods she grew up eating in Northern Alberta, as well as how possible and practical it is for people living in Northern Canada to go vegan or plant based.

We wanted to talk about this topic because we have seen some negative comments about vegans suggesting that Indigenous people should go vegan regardless of their access to plant foods, so we wanted to shed some light on how difficult that may actually be.

We feel that the majority of people living in cities and towns (ie. people with numerous options in terms of plant based foods) are the people we should be focusing our vegan advocacy to, because for them it would actually be very easy to go vegan, and they make up the majority of the population.

We are also in full support of anyone that is Métis, First Nations, or Indigenous that is interested in going vegan or plant based, or is already vegan or plant based. We are here for anyone that has questions or would like some guidance. Please feel free to reach out to us.


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IG: @livable4all

Website: https://www.livableincome.org/ 


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