#32 Soul Eubanks - Social Justice Advocate, Founder of APEX Advocacy
Vegan Boss Radio · 59 minutes ·

#32 Soul Eubanks - Social Justice Advocate, Founder of APEX Advocacy

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In this episode of Vegan Boss Radio, we interview Soul Eubanks about how he went vegan after watching Cowspiracy, his favourite form of activism, as well as his social justice and animal rights advocacy.

Christopher “Soul” Eubanks is a social justice advocate, creative and public speaker raised in Atlanta, Ga that has dedicated himself to doing advocacy work that combats all forms of injustice. After learning the horrors of animal exploitation Christopher became vegan, began doing community organizing and has helped co-organize Atlanta’s first ever animal rights march. Christopher is the founder of APEX Advocacy, a non profit animal rights organization that uses digital content and grassroots activism for animal advocacy.


Connect with Soul Eubanks on Social Media:

IG: @soul_eubanks

IG: @apexadvocacy

Facebook: /souleubanks

Website: souleubanks.com

Support/Donate: Patreon/Apparel/Photography


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