#9 Joe Rogan is Obsessed with Vegans
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#9 Joe Rogan is Obsessed with Vegans

*Quick correction: When we were reading the Biodiversity article, the projected land use was referring to 2050 but we accidentally said 2015.


It's no secret that Joe Rogan is obsessed with vegans. On his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, he bashes vegan nutrition and trash talks the movement every chance he gets. Which is A LOT. After all these years, we still listen to JRE because we believe you don't have to agree with every opinion someone has in order to enjoy their conversations and be open to the different topics that are brought up. We love that he has a wide variety of guests and that he has come out in support of a Universal Basic Income, which we advocate for as well. Thanks to Joe Rogan and his massive platform, it is how many people first heard about Andrew Yang. We love Andrew Yang!! #YangGang2020  BUT, in his latest episode (#1355) he takes things way too far and we felt it was time to share a response to his completely false statements. We don't normally do episodes like this, and we know he is entitled to have his own opinions about veganism, but some of his remarks were stated as facts so we felt the need to address a few things. 


We referred to a few articles and studies in this episode, we've listed the links below:


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