Minisode: Vegan Boss Updates
Vegan Boss Radio · 26 minutes ·

Minisode: Vegan Boss Updates

Hello there!

We are so happy to be back with this quick update episode. We discuss our challenges with social media, feeding vegan food to our dad, loving pigs but eating them, "plants have feelings", and people ditching vegan diets due to gut health issues.

We had a question about why some people stop being vegan, this article on Shawna's blog covers this topic in detail:

How to Prevent Ex-Vegans

The matcha soft serve ice cream we mention is from:

Whisk Matcha

If you have questions about vegan nutrition or would like to book a consult, please feel free to schedule a complimentary 15 Min Discovery Call:

Book Discovery Call

Check out the online vegan nutrition store Plant Life Nutrition and save 10% with coupon code 'veganboss':

Plant Life Nutrition

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