002 - Should you call your company or product 'Vegan'?
Vegan Business Tribe Podcast · 29 minutes ·

002 - Should you call your company or product 'Vegan'?

Should you call your company or product vegan, plant-based or something else?
In today's episode we're going to start with one of the main questions we get asked at Vegan Business Tribe, and it's all about how you should refer to your business or product.
If you have a vegan business, should you actually CALL it a vegan business - or if you are selling a product that is vegan, will LABELLING it 'vegan' put people off from buying it? 
It's an interesting question because, as you know, us vegans are never shy about letting people know about it! But why do Beyond Meat, Meatless Farm and even Oatly rarely use the term vegan? David looks at when you SHOULD use the term vegan for what you sell, and when you should use plant-based, or even something else entirely.
About Vegan Business Tribe
Hosted by Vegan Business Tribe co-founder, David Pannell. Lisa & David have worked with some of the largest high-street brands and food manufacturers to help them understand and connect with the vegan marketplace. David is also the official UK agent for The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark and Lisa writes the monthly business column in Vegan Food & Living - the biggest vegan print publication in the UK.
Vegan Business Tribe is where they give back with weekly content, seminars, business clinics, networking events, mentoring and online courses to help you create a successful vegan business. If you want to go beyond the podcast and connect with our community of like-minded vegan entrepreneurs or get support from Lisa & David, then head over to https://veganbusinesstribe.com/ (www.veganbusinesstribe.com) where you will be welcomed with open arms!

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