if you’ve been listening for awhile, then you know one of my core topics to talk about is Identifying your Purpose. The importance of discovering how to navigate from an intuitive place of authenticity that is uniquely you and true to your being is the key to navigating a life you’re in love with. We’ll explore this both through the journey’s of my guests like Christian De LaHuerta or Shana Bianchi and a few more as well as some of my solo episodes in which I give you steps and exercises you can apply in your own life to begin or continue on your own journey with purpose. So I hope this episode stirs something deep inside you that intrigues you about yourself. Enjoy.

4:57 — Shana Bianchi of Mindful Divine: Mindfully Shifting Into A Life of Purpose & Intention

11:10 — BEGIN PODCASTING: 3 Steps To Defining Your Message with Purpose

17:16 — Creating From A Place Of Joy!

20:28 — Kristel Bauer of Live Greatly: Live Your Dreams Without Sacrifice

27:58 — The KEY To Awakening Your Soul & Power with Christian De La Huerta


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