Presenting: Discover Your Wellness Strategy on Hack My Business Podcast Episode 114
Be Bold Begin · 41 minutes ·

Presenting: Discover Your Wellness Strategy on Hack My Business Podcast Episode 114

Do YOU have a wellness strategy? It is the last week of October which happens to be Emotional Wellness month and I did a cool episode with the Hack My Business podcast where the host Jesse Torres, and another guest Beth Bloom and I discussed our definitions and processes for wellness, particularly in relationship to being entrepreneurs but this is still very applicable to you if you are looking to create a relationship with your wellness on a daily basis that has to work with other elements in your life. I avoid using the word balance here and you’ll learn why in this episode. So I hope you enjoy this featured episode of Hack My Business called Discover Your Wellness Strategy. 

From Hack My Business:

Wellness does NOT have to look one certain way. Today I’m joined by two amazing guests, the first is the founder of Avant Haüs Media, master behind the scenes, and Producer of Hack My Business, Christina Barsi. Along with us is Beth Bloom, the Editorial Director of Small Business Front, a corporation I started earlier last year to help entrepreneurs navigate the world of small business. Something that matters to EVERY business is wellness. What does wellness even mean? Is there anything to help manage work-life balance? How can we maintain our careers and businesses while still having energy for ourselves? Join us to discover these answers, and more. Plus, learn what YOU can do to keep your wellness in check each and every day as it ebbs and flows. 

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