The Key To Purpose Is Living Joyfully: Guided Meditation - ABUNDANCE SERIES Episode 112
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The Key To Purpose Is Living Joyfully: Guided Meditation - ABUNDANCE SERIES Episode 112

Do you invite "Joy" into your life daily? Last week we featured a guided meditation that was inspired by a book called Creating Money but before I read that book there was another book by Sanaya Roman and her spirit guide Orin that came into my life first and was very shifting for me. It was the first one I found within this series and it was during the time I was working on my Creativity Coaching certification that it found me. 

The book is called Living With Joy and the title alone was interesting to me because it doesn’t say “finding joy” or something similar, it’s about “living with joy”. It was my very first introduction to beginning to understand that I get to live from a place of authentic purpose and that I have the answers to this equation called "happiness". 

Listen as I read a little to you today from the chapter “You Can Live Joyfully” in the style of a guided relaxation. 

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Music: Messier 45 - Light Years by Stelladrone

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Book Credit: Taken from Living With Joy by Sanaya Roman, a book published by H J Kramer Inc. and New World Library. Information at 

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