The Money Mindset That will Shift Your Abundance w/ Dr. Amanda Barrientez - INTUITIVE CREATORS SERIES
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The Money Mindset That will Shift Your Abundance w/ Dr. Amanda Barrientez - INTUITIVE CREATORS SERIES

We are talking about money! What we focus on a lot in this one is our RELATIONSHIP with money. It’s different for everyone and if you exist…then you have a relationship with money but you may not know much about your relationship and how you really feel about these things and why but once you begin to ask questions about your money relationship then you can begin the process of letting go of these blocks that you probably aren’t even aware are working against you in the background. 

If you’re not sure where to begin your journey after listening to this episode, then the program I created for you called The Gratitude Bundle is the easiest way to start to tap into the ENERGY and PRACTICE of bringing in more and connecting with your inner knowing. By just experiencing the course, you’ll learn a set of tools you can keep working with to create shifts in your life. And of course it is 70% off right now for the holiday season. There’s a link in the show notes (below) to join and I’ll be there, in the course group waiting to answer any questions for you that might come up along your journey with the course. Enjoy my money conversation with Amanda Barrientez!


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