Your Spiritual Connection Is NORMAL With Lindsay Reiling, Spirituality Coach Episode 101
Be Bold Begin · 71 minutes ·

Your Spiritual Connection Is NORMAL With Lindsay Reiling, Spirituality Coach Episode 101

Do you feel like talking about your spirituality is a little woo woo or maybe just uncomfortable? A connection with something more is possible for everyone and anyone and it can start by simply listening to your intuition. This "spiritualness" is already a part of you because it IS you.

My guest today calls herself "Lindsay The Grateful”, and says her mission is to normalize spirituality. She believes that “Through connecting with spirit we can heal our wounds, traumas, losses and live a healthful life in all aspects. Connecting to spirit connects us to something more and with that comes a calming inner peace, confidence and reassurance that we are more than our physical bodies."

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Instagram:  @lindsaythegrateful


Free Group Energy Healing Link: Free Group Energy Healing

Connecting with Spirit Workshop Link: Connecting with Spirit


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