Chad Tredway: Mastering the Growth Mindset
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Chad Tredway: Mastering the Growth Mindset

In today’s episode we sit down with Chad Tredway, the Co-Head of Real Estate Banking at the largest bank in the US; J.P. Morgan.  Chad is the youngest managing director in the history of the bank, and for good reason.  He manages $25 billion worth of credit exposure and a team of more than 100 employees. He has been named one of the “50 Most Powerful People In Real Estate” by the Commercial Observer and has several accomplishments we will discuss in the episode.


If there is any part of you thinking that this is an interview with a banker, I am going to turn this off...I have a great surprise for you.  Chad has a great energy about him and delivers very thoughtful and practical advice about leadership, growing in business, and how he cultivates his own methodology for continual learning and creating new ideas.  


We also discuss future market predictors from a bank's perspective, and many of you will be pleasantly surprised at Chad‘s well-informed views about the market.  


I found this interview to be one of the more insightful ones we have done...enjoy!


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