MMT – NYC Rent Law Changes With Mitch Kossoff
Behind The Bricks · 26 minutes ·

MMT – NYC Rent Law Changes With Mitch Kossoff

In this episode of our Monthly Market Talks, we sit down with Mitch Kossoff and Danny Handweiler.  In our conversation we take a technical deep dive into the potential changes coming to NYC rent laws this June. 

Mitch is an industry veteran who has been litigating thousands and thousands of complex residential and commercial landlord tenant cases since 1979.  Additionally, as a former owner, Mitch also has decades of experience on the purchase, sale, and management of multifamily buildings throughout the five boroughs.  Listeners will also hear from Danny Handweiler, a New York Multifamily team member specializing in Upper Manhattan, who will add valuable input on the implications of the proposed bills.

This episode is a must for anyone involved or interested in NYC real estate. I hope you enjoy…

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