Jules Gabriel Verne was a French novelist, playwright, and poet active during the 19th century, most famous for his incredible literary works in what I would call adventure science fiction, all comprised in his series Voyages Extraordinaires. Verne authored more than sixty books, fifty four of which comprised the Voyages collection, and he also wrote dozens of plays, short stories, librettos, and of course, a dash of poetry. What is so…disappointing about this incredible writer is that his novels are often overlooked in today’s society, and these stories were scrupulously researched and pieced together by Verne in an era when science and innovation were on the rise. To give you some perspective, there are a handful of subjects Verne wrote about in his novels that later became a reality, including electric submarines, newscasts, solar sails, lunar modules, skywriting, video conferencing, tasers, and the splashdown of spaceships into the ocean (this is only a few of his predictions, mind you). But what about the man himself? Jules was a hard-working, dedicated writer, who pursued his career in spite of his family’s disapproval. He was stricken by love more than once, had a problem child of his own, and even survived an attempt on his life by his nephew; however, he was additionally a man who enjoyed traveling, being on the open ocean, and most importantly, he absolutely loved writing, never once quitting or setting aside his passion regardless of what challenges life threw him. Are we ready to dive into episode 9 of Legacy: the Artists Behind the Legends? Hell yes – time for a little Jules Verne, everybody.

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