Highs and Lows of a Closed Door Model with Brandon Vogt
Behind The Membership with Callie Willows · 59 minutes ·

Highs and Lows of a Closed Door Model with Brandon Vogt

In this episode of behind the membership, I'm talking with Brandon Vogt from Claritas U about how he's achieved success with his membership site for Catholics who want to get clear on their faith.
Brandon has managed to create and run this six figure membership site alongside a full time job and gained over a thousand members with just his first launch, a pretty impressive achievement by anyone's standards.
Here we look at how Brandon uses the launch model to only open his site twice a year and the pros and cons he's found of doing this, including how it impacts his churn and ongoing member numbers.
We also talk premium tiers, engagement, content creation, retention and more!
Listen in to hear How he managed to achieve over 1200 members with his first launch
The pros and cons he’s found of having a launch cycle membership and why he might not choose that route if he was starting again
How he cut his churn in half and and uses ongoing content to keep members coming back for more
Why Brandon decided to move from books and speaking to a membership site and how it’s saving him time and stress
How Brandon created and runs his membership alongside a full time job and with a minimal team
Offering both standard and VIP membership options and how this impacted sign up numbers
How he overcame objections from an audience unfamiliar with membership sites
Why he gave influencers in his niche free accounts and how this created a loyal band of evangelists for the membership
Why he’s considering moving to an evergreen membership despite his success with launches

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