Overcoming a Subscription Ceiling with Sean Wilson

Overcoming a Subscription Ceiling with Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson joins Callie for this episode of Behind The Membership to talk about https://seanwilsonpiano.com/ (Seanwilsonpiano.com), his membership site for Gospel pianists. 
During this episode Sean shares the details of his journey so far, how he tapped into a small but engaged audience to launch his membership back in 2017, why his approach to delivering content within his membership has changed and the positive impact the pandemic has had on it’s growth. 
He also tells us how he recently overcame his subscription ceiling, now attracting over 100 members a month instead of 40, the steps he’s taken to make engagement skyrocket inside his community and how YouTube has played a huge part in the success of his membership … Plus so much more!  
About Sean: 
Sean Wilson former math teacher has been playing the piano since he was 5
He helps musicians to learn piano by ear and feel confident playing gospel piano
Featured in LA Today as one of the entrepreneurs you should be watching for 2021
Key Quotes:
“I think I maybe overvalued content, the importance of it.”
“We're the only gospel music website in the world, actually, that has a roadmap. So, it's really cool and when I'm on YouTube, it's a nice positioning offer .”
“Honestly, I think the biggest challenge for me is kind of getting out of not being so hard at myself.”
Connect with Sean: 
https://seanwilsonpiano.com/ (Seanwilsonpiano.com)
https://www.youtube.com/seanwilsonpiano%C2%A0 (YouTube )
https://www.instagram.com/seanwilsonpiano_/ (Instagram)
https://www.facebook.com/seanwilsonpiano (Facebook)

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