Pivoting Your Niche & Offering with Alisha Robertson

Pivoting Your Niche & Offering with Alisha Robertson

Alisha Robertson from https://www.alisharobertson.com/sales/ (The Purpose To Service Academy) joins me for this episode of Behind The Membership and she has a very interesting story to share…
After experiencing burn out as a coach, Alisha knew that she had to find a solution that would help her scale her business, without the time constraints of one-on-one coaching... and she did, in the form of a membership program.
But the interesting thing about Alisha is that before doing research and launching her membership, not only had she never heard of the business model before, but she’d never been part of a membership herself!
In this episode you’ll hear about Alisha’s membership journey to date… how her program looks very different from when she opened its doors nearly two years ago, her realization that she could serve her members better if she niched down and the challenges she’s faced being new to the membership space. 
Plus you’ll hear how Alisha adds a few personal touches to her member experience, how her life has changed since launching her program and what her plans for the future are…And much more. 
About Alisha:  
Alisha Robertson is an author, business coach and the founder of The Purpose To Service Academy; a group coaching program for coaches and service based entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their signature offer and serve their clients with less stress and more intention.
After experiencing severe burnout, Alisha tore down everything she thought she knew about becoming a successful entrepreneur and decided to build a brand that helped women to focus on building their business without sacrificing the life they desire. 
Through her work, Alisha strives to not only help women entrepreneurs to launch, grow and scale their brands but also help them to prioritise themselves in the process.
Key Quotes
“I had to figure out a groove that worked for me and how to build in that excitement without feeling like I was launching every single month.”
“I think even more access to me has helped a lot because even if you don't have a question now, you know that when a question does come up, you have someone to go and ask. It's like, you almost have a coach on retainer. You have someone there.”
“If I could go again, I would definitely narrow my focus from the very beginning. I would have started out from the very beginning only focusing on this one very specific industry and this one specific problem and audience.” 
Connect with Alisha: 
https://www.alisharobertson.com/sales/ (The Purpose To Service Academy)
http://www.alisharobertson.com (Alisharobertson.com)
Find her on https://www.facebook.com/TheAlishaNicole/ (Facebook)
Follow her on https://www.instagram.com/thealishanicole/ (Instagram)
Follow her onhttps://twitter.com/thealishanicole ( Twitter)

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