Removing the Barriers to Membership Sales with Kim Bultsma
Behind The Membership with Callie Willows · 51 minutes ·

Removing the Barriers to Membership Sales with Kim Bultsma

On Episode Four of Season Two, Callie is talking with SEO and content strategist Kim Bultsma about her membership site, (A Cup of Content.)
Kim and I talk niching down, running completely free trials to attract new members, implementing member challenges to improve engagement and retention and the joy of watching your members make progress thanks to your content.
We also talk about how Kim came to start her own business in the first place after years of being a teacher, and the impact that this change has had on her family and her life.
Plus, Kim shares some of the challenges that she’s encountered along the way, particularly when it comes to balancing time between her service business and the membership site. So,
Listen in to hear: How her daughters serious health problems led to Kim leaving teaching to start her own business and how they are all happier as a result
Why a membership site was a natural addition to her service business and allows her to reach more people
The need to niche down rather than be everything to everybody when it comes to attracting members
Using bite-size 5 day challenges to provide member content and increase engagement
The challenge of juggling time with both a service business and a membership site
Why Kim changed from a $1 trial to a completely free, no credit card required, trial, and how that impacted sign-ups
The importance of making members feel valued and important for increasing retention
Why Kim spends an hour a day building relationships and engaging with other people’s content
How the membership site is continually evolving and why listening to members is key

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