The Accidental Membership that Became a Six Figure Success with Caylee Grey
Behind The Membership with Callie Willows · 39 minutes ·

The Accidental Membership that Became a Six Figure Success with Caylee Grey

"Fairy art mother" Caylee Grey joins Callie on this episode of Behind the Membership to talk all about her art journaling membership, Get Messy Art. Caylee's membership journey is actually a little different to most, as the membership was started accidentally as a result of a personal project rather than being the goal from the start.
However, it's safe to say it was a great accident as the membership is now four years old and has flourished, creating an amazing business for Caylee that has allowed her to quit her job and achieve more freedom than she previously thought possible.
In this episode, Caylee discusses how she makes use of seasonal themes for her content, and is currently testing out the closed door model to only let new members in at the start of each new season. As well as how she utilises the experiences of guest teachers and members to help with content creation.
And Caylee also talks about how she focuses on making the membership action driven, and how she nutures members and provides the space for them to connect and engage with each other on a deeper level. Plus the challenges she has had along the way, and much, much more besides!

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