Francois Ladouceur on a new paradigm for action potential sensing through optics

Francois Ladouceur on a new paradigm for action potential sensing through optics

Francois Ladouceur is a University of New South Wales professor teaching and researching integrated optics, silica and diamond-based photonics, optical sensing networks, and photonics-based brain/machine interfaces

Top 3 Takeaways:

  •  "it's a liquid crystal-based transducer that can transduce an electrical signal into an optical signal that we can carry the away from the place of measurement"
  • With electrical-based electrodes making the devices smaller increases the impedance degrading the signal which doesn't happen in LCP based electrodes
  • "We have built a chip, which is bidirectional, it can read the action potential and it can stimulate the neuron. Again, entirely passive. It requires no electrical input. It does not dissipate energy."

0:30 "How did you get on this podcast?"

3:00 Is another advantage the lack of heat generated?

5:30 "What are the bio compatible properties of liquid crystal?"

7:00 "What are some advantages of this over other techniques?"

10:15 "How does the multiplexer work?"

15:15 "What would be the minimum width?"

19:00 "You haven't really published too much about this, but you said a big paper is going to be coming out?"

21:30 "It's really just for sensing, you couldn't stimulate with these, right?"

25:00 "When did this technology originally come to your mind?"

27:15 "Is there anything that we didn't talk about that you wanted to mention?"


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