Nicole Wants a King (Sized Bed) with Adam Pally & Jon Gabrus

Nicole Wants a King (Sized Bed) with Adam Pally & Jon Gabrus

She’s feeling like the island! This week we have another Besting Each Other, with Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus! Adam shares about meeting on the improv team Havana Clambake, how Jon is like a gazelle… no wait… a dolphin, smoking weed recklessly, and who you would f*ck if your plane was going down. Jon Gabrus shares a favorite memory with Adam where they get a restaurant to open after hours in Italy, watching Adam charm everyone, why Jon is always waking Adam up, and growing up to be Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. Together they reminisce about improvising together, hitting the pool in Vegas, and share about their new show - 101 Places to Party Before You Die.   


Check out 101 Places To Party Before You Die on TruTV - Thursdays at 11pm. 


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