Sasheer Gives Good Chair Advice

Sasheer Gives Good Chair Advice

Um… do you have any food for Sasheer and Nicole? This week we discuss Sasheer’s craving for tostada and eggs, favorite internet videos like The Bread and Salad Fingers, why is everything so frickin’ backordered, Sasheer forgetting how to make her car move forward and her other adventures with her new Tesla, Nicole’s gas miracle, Benihana dreams, and more. They take a quiz to see what Instagram design trend they should try, and answer listener questions on how to organize one’s chairs, creating a new community without hurting your friends (don’t listen to Drake - get new friends!),  how to get a friend to open up about a relationship, and creating boundaries with an over-enthusiastic friend. 


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:

[email protected]


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