Interview With "New Moon" Directors and Writers, Colman & Raul Domingo
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Interview With "New Moon" Directors and Writers, Colman & Raul Domingo

Known for his Emmy-winning work on "Euphoria," and films like "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" and "Zola," Colman Domingo took on a new role with the animated short film "New Moon." Adapting a segment from his one-man show "A Boy and His Soul," Colman and his husband Raul set out to bring the words of Colman's mother to life. "I'm very much a mama's boy," Colman says. "For me, this is a testament to my mother's imagination." In "New Moon," Colman narrates the story of J.J., a young boy who is hearing about a special ritual from his mother. "I remember that moment so very well, of her teaching me about the New Moon and this ritual that I've had for years. The moment you see the New Moon, you just hold your hand wide open, hold your purse open, and whatever you're seeking, it will come to you." It's a joyous expression of love and positivity between a mother and son, all brought to life with surreal animation by French directors Jérémie Balais and Jeff Le Bars. If "New Moon" manages to score a nomination for Best Animated Short, the pair would be the first LGBT couple nominated in the same year. Raul describes what it was like to work together: "We see the best in each other. And I think we always encourage the best in each other. Because out there you can just step out, and you'll be just ripped to shreds for whatever and however and whomever." Raul and Colman co-wrote the screenplay for the film, while Colman played all of the parts, and Raul directed him for the rotoscope. "I trust his critical eye," Colman says of Raul. "And so we already trust each other somewhat creatively. He holds me accountable." In a recent conversation with Daniel Howat from Next Best Picture, Colman and Raul Domingo shared the heart behind their animated short film, memories of Colman's mother, and what they hope the legacy of this work will be.
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