Co-Elevation: The New Workplace Operating System w/ Keith Ferrazzi
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Co-Elevation: The New Workplace Operating System w/ Keith Ferrazzi

Far too often the people who serve on teams at work fail to receive value from them. That’s a real shame considering the potential for peers to support each other to transform the company or to succeed in the face of challenge. Within every team lies the potential for everyone to “co-elevate” each other to new heights, and that includes the executive team at the heart of the organization.

Keith Ferrazzi is the founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a managing, consulting, and team coaching company. He is recognized as a global thought leader in the relational and collaborative sciences, and is a New York Times best-selling author. Keith identifies behaviors that block organizations from reaching their goals and transforms them by coaching new behaviors that increase growth.

Keith has unique knowledge on the value of working together, since he and his team have done twenty years of research on how to coach high performing teams. They have discovered that 74% of people on teams say that they do not have permission to challenge each other in the room. 

He’s identified that commitment to a shared mission is not the only ingredient in a successful team. Members of a team also need to be committed to each other. By being part of a functioning network, an individual’s potential is multiplied many times over. 

To support high functioning teams, leadership should be distributed between peers and not in a top-bottom hierarchy. With this in mind, each team member has the opportunity and obligation to support the growth of everyone they work with. 

How can you relinquish authority to best support your team? Leave a comment on the episode page!


In this episode

  • Why the most extraordinary leadership teams co-elevate each other
  • Why “Leading Without Authority” allows your people to collaborate and succeed
  • Reframing your thinking as a leader from controlling resources to working in networks to achieve outcomes 
  • How the innovation/co-creation phase trumps forming new ideas in silos
  • Creating safe environments that encourage peer to peer feedback  



“There’s so much to be said about the value of peer-to-peer and peer-engagement in transforming organizations.” [2:48]

“I am sick and tired of people creating answers in their head or in their silos and then going out to sell it to people. They have totally missed the innovation co-creation phase.” [16:12]

“We have the ability in the next two months while we’re remote to totally re-contract our DNA as a team, to institute new rules in our leadership, and emerge much stronger than we ever were.” [26:00]

“Vulnerability is the key that opens up the bridge to empathy. On the other side is a productive relationship.” [33:31]



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