Courageously Embracing Your Genius w/ Laura Garnett
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Courageously Embracing Your Genius w/ Laura Garnett

Everyone has unique abilities and skills, and we are all “geniuses” in our own ways. Genius is not an exclusive trait nor linked to intellect, but something that resides in everyone. When our Zone of Genius is realized, that’s when we can find and do work that truly brings us joy. Today’s guest has extensively studied this concept and is here to tell you how to apply it in your workplace.

Laura Garnett is a talent strategist who works with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, helping business leaders reach their true potential and tap into and understand their zone of genius — all while inspiring the people they work with to do the same. 

Today, we’re talking with Laura about how we can inspire other people to identify and pursue their Zones of Genius. It really is something that we all have innately within us. However, not trusting in your zone of genius is all too common and can lead to false feelings of inadequacy. To truly operate within the zone is to actually best align with who you are and share your gifts for the benefit of others.

This is one of our favorite episodes because we had fun sharing our experiences growing personally and professionally and coming back into alignment with our true selves. Laura comments and provides insights into the meta of these experiences and explains how you can cultivate the habit of operating in this way too. 

Embracing your genius often takes courage, reframing the way you think of success, and regularly looking into what brings you joy at work. Nurturing that will lead to amazing professional opportunities and new possibilities.

What can you do to begin honing your Zone of Genius today? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

In this episode

  • What is meant by Zone of Genius
  • The problems that arise when we don’t trust in our zone of genius
  • Ways to reframe the way we think about success and failure
  • How to come into alignment with our natural talents and gifts 
  • The role of an individual and a company in maximizing zones of genius
  • Why operating in your ZOG is a habit that needs constant nurturing
  • The important connection between genius and purpose


“It has nothing to do with your intelligence. It has a lot more to do with your ability to believe in yourself, build habits, be who you are. Everyone has that capability. Everyone can create the success that they want.” [5:25]

“The process of understanding who you are, knowing your zone of genius, operating in it — it’s a personal process. It’s something that someone has to own for themselves.” [15:02]

“It’s a habit of continually checking in with yourself and observing how far in or out of the zone you are and why, and proactively looking for the opportunities that are going to take you further into the zone.” [30:13]


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