Creating Healthy Leadership Teams w/ David Hassell & Shane Metcalf
Best-Self Management · 38 minutes ·

Creating Healthy Leadership Teams w/ David Hassell & Shane Metcalf

How can you have the life that you want, finding satisfaction in each moment through your work and experiencing a sense of flow and of purpose?

This podcast is all about celebrating being your full self in the workplace. Too often we’re limiting our human potential in some very avoidable ways. Maybe your employees are worried about appearing too vulnerable to communicate what’s best for themselves or the company. Perhaps the leadership team isn’t modeling a supportive culture. Whatever it is, there are solutions!

We’re David Hassell and Shane Metcalf, co-founders of 15Five, a leading continuous performance management software company with a strong focus on creating healthy and thriving workplaces.

We started 15Five back in 2011. We're now in a high growth phase, hitting some pretty big revenue milestones, and recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Best-Places to Work. All of this while helping our 130+ employees become the best versions of themselves.

We credit our many successes to the Best-Self Management methodology, which is based on the latest research in the fields of social science and positive psychology. By supporting people in being and becoming their best selves, higher and ever-increasing performance becomes a natural by-product, not to mention uncommon levels of passion, commitment, and loyalty. We’re here to share with you the many important lessons we’ve learned over the last eight years.

In our first episode, our guests will be... ourselves! We interview each other about where we went right over the years and where we went wrong. We started with a belief that there’s a different way to do business and that the key to creating a thriving, sustainable company in the long term was supporting our people. Coming off our latest all-company retreat, many employees shared how unique an experience they had of connection with others and of a shift in mindset around what’s possible for their growth in a business setting.

We also discuss the influence that managers can have via clear and regular communication with employees because managers have the greatest line of sight to a person’s motivations and challenges. Candid communication develops the trust required to have authentic relationships so that you can help employees succeed without being stymied by their own limiting belief systems.

And of course, none of this is possible without having solid practices in place for your leadership team. For example, doing transformational personal development work is critical for having the types of epiphanies that inform the creation of a thriving culture.

How can your workplace create an atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable sharing more openly? Tell us in the comments!


In this episode:

  • Creating intimacy in a room to cultivate vulnerability and deeper relating so that information and issues get shared
  • Envisioning a company in which employees are given the support to become their best
  • Moments of personal and professional growth that have influenced our workplace
  • The belief and compassion necessary to help someone have the vision to change their life
  • Creating a climate of psychological safety and trust so that everyone can feel comfortable sharing their fears and doubts
  • Focus on the individual relationships between members of the leadership team to model a healthy working environment for all employees



“We had a really clear intention that we believed that there is a different way to do business and that the key to creating a thriving, sustainable, high-performing company for the long-term was that we felt if we could create an environment where people were supported and becoming their best selves and unlocking their potential, then things would take care of themselves.” [3:24]

“I came to the realization prior to 15Five that it’s possible to grow and change and transform, that we’re not fixed and we’re not stuck with the life that we have, that we can actually go out and change ourselves and change the world if we want to.” [8:54]

“You can’t see the potential in somebody unless you have experienced those moments of transcendence where you actually get to see that you yourself are capable of more than you think you are. That allows you to have faith that somebody is capable of more than they are currently demonstrating.” [13:05]

“We’re typically terrified of truth. We’re typically terrified of feedback and hearing about negative experiences that other people might have of us. And yet it is the secret to good relationships to lean into that truth.” [28:38]



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The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey

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