Leadership Practices For A More Positive Workplace
Best-Self Management · 37 minutes ·

Leadership Practices For A More Positive Workplace

With positivity being one of the most important aspects of Best-Self Management, we’re devoting this entire episode to this principle. A lot is wrapped up in this single word - be it gratitude, appreciation, and just having more positive interactions than negative ones. 

Throughout this episode, we tell you about what we’ve learned from the field of positive psychology about how our brains tend to default towards the negative. However, by consciously and deliberately supporting a culture of positivity, you’ll be benefiting both your people and your organization in countless ways.

We explain how a focus on positivity is one of the easiest ways to help the relationships in your organization thrive. When that happens not only does the bottom line improve, but you and your people will be more connected and committed to your company’s mission and feel better overall.

What can you do to increase the positivity ratio in your organization? Leave a comment below!

In this episode

  • How building a culture of positivity will help improve the health of the people in your organization
  • The benefits that your company will see when positive relationships are encouraged and supported
  • Addressing our default bias towards negativity
  • How you can institutionalize the power of gratitude inside your organization
  • Using guided meditation to help create a positive brain-state
  • Practices for helping your people take notice of the positives in their lives


“For every degree of relational mastery that you improve in your company, you’re going to be increasing the efficiency of execution significantly.” [4:48]


“When you have an organization where people feel lifted up by each other and for each other, that’s where the magic of collaboration can come into play.” [7:25]

“Our work lives spill into our personal lives - it’s just how it happens. So a way of serving the whole human being is giving them a positive, supporting, loving, compassionate, understanding -and also a high performing and high bar of excellence - work environment.”  [21:55]

“Building a culture of positivity and appreciation doesn’t mean you can’t give constructive feedback or have difficult conversations. In fact, it really is the opposite. It makes it so that those conversations can be more effective and more efficient.” [33:37]


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