Responding To Burnout At Work With A Science-Backed Resilience Toolkit w/ Dr. Jacinta Jiménez
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Responding To Burnout At Work With A Science-Backed Resilience Toolkit w/ Dr. Jacinta Jiménez

No one is immune to burnout. It affects even the most passionate and resilient people. The mental and emotional exhaustion of burnout can slowly chip away at anyone’s fortitude. That’s why, especially in times like these, organizations need to support their people and bolster their resiliency however they can.


About Dr. Jacinta Jiménez

Dr. Jacinta Jiménez (Dr. J) is an award-winning  Board-Certified Executive Leadership Coach with a 15-plus year career dedicated to the betterment of leaders. She’s worked with leaders in top organizations in Silicon Valley and throughout the world.

A graduate of Stanford University, Dr. J is a sought after expert in bridging the fields of psychology and leadership. As the former Global Head of Coaching at BetterUp, she developed ground-breaking science-backed coaching approaches for helping today’s top organizations, while also leading a global community of 1500+ international Leadership Coaches in over 58 countries.


Balancing Agility with Resiliency

As the difficulties of the current year play out, the dual qualities of agility and resilience come up time and again. Certainly, it is important to lean into agility during unpredictable times.

We need to shift as the ground beneath us changes. Yet, to do this at the expense of supporting the protective factors of resilience, causes burnout to become a serious risk.


Making The Shift Towards More Resiliency

We’re all being tested by difficulties, particularly uncertainty. Dr. J recommends combating this by focusing on what remains in our control. Staying grounded while the world around us spins seemingly out of control is easier said than done. The fix is not trying to control the outside world. Rather, it’s focusing on what we still have power over - our words, attitudes, and mindset.

When we push purely for productivity, we end up damaging ourselves and the people we rely on. We need to make the cultural mindset shift that it’s okay to rest. Nobody can hustle nonstop. Ultimately rest and recovery are needed to fuel the productivity that we seek.


In This Episode

  • The important distinction between agility and resilience [1:25]
  • The three symptoms of burnout [3:58]
  • How companies and organizations can support resiliency in difficult times [7:24]
  • The payoffs of leveraging the art of leisure [10:10]
  • Managing stress before it develops into burnout [14:42]
  • How organizations can encourage their people to balance agility with resilience [18:25]
  • Questions that team leaders should be asking their people [22:15]
  • Encouraging people resistant to accepting the need for leisure [26:58]



“Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that we’re putting more into our resilience piggy-banks.” [3:23]

“We’re entering into this new world of work and life, but a lot of us are still hanging on to outdated formulas of what it takes to be resilient and successful over the long-haul.” [7:53]

“Stress is not bad. Stress is good in small doses. It stimulates growth. We need stress. But you can’t have chronic stress without recovery.” [11:18]

“The most important asset you have to make an impact on this world is you. If you fail to invest in yourself, you run the risk of damaging the very tool you need to make the impact.” [15:15]

“What burnout comes from is when the requirements of our work mismatch with our capacities as a human.” [25:59]


Key Takeaways

Nobody is immune to burnout. Simply trying to avoid it can actually cause it.

There are tools to strengthen resiliency in the workplace that will lead to more productivity in the end.

A central part of this is leveraging leisure, something that managers should encourage.


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