The Real Key to Talent Development is Authentic Caring
Best-Self Management · 49 minutes ·

The Real Key to Talent Development is Authentic Caring

Today we’re diving into an important pillar of Best-Self Management -- Being and Becoming Your Best Self. While everyone must take responsibility for their own evolution, managers and leaders have an opportunity to contribute. By creating an environment that invites your people to be their best on a daily basis, you will inherently have an organization in which people produce high-quality work. 

Accepting that things are already great does not mean that no one should strive for improvement. Rather, it becomes a good jumping-off point for striving to fulfill your highest potential. Recognizing this will provide the space and compassion needed to support your people as whole human beings.

As leaders, compassion is one of the most powerful tools you have to accomplish this. It will allow you to support your people through their crises and challenges and help them grow towards their best selves throughout that journey. Often at work, we want people to push through these challenges and get sh*t done, but making space for employees to work through these experiences often facilitates immense growth.

You also have the opportunity to create an environment of belonging. In such a place, you’ll be able to better recognize everyone’s potential. This helps everyone feel their worth as members of your organization. That, in turn, will lead to improvements in self-esteem. That’s where the magic happens.

How do you show your people that you recognize their potential to become their best selves? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!


In this episode

  • Why becoming your best self is a rewarding yet never-ending journey
  • How fostering gratitude is the best antidote for negativity and will fuel high-performance
  • The power of embracing adversity and the dangers inherent in toxic positivity
  • Why compassion is one of the most important qualities a leader can possess
  • Maslow’s hierarchy: creating an environment where everyone feels that they truly belong
  • How the way you see people influences the way they show up



“A little dose of recognizing the perfection of ourselves, the world, and each other, can go a long way as a foundation to then choose growth and development.” [4:59]

“Being able to have an environment of compassion for the hard parts of the human journey is actually one of the greatest things you can do to unlock the potential of your people.” [9:31]

“To help somebody become their best-self you want to create a culture where they can feel like they belong. That’s why diversity and inclusion are so vitally important.” [18:15]

“How you see people changes people. To see somebody’s highest potential is to increase the odds of them realizing that potential.” [33:30]



The Genius Habit by Laura Garnett

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Clifton Strengths

Via Character Strengths

Growth Mindset

Radical Candor

The Gene Keys


Best-Self Academy

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