Understanding Your Strengths To Build Stronger Teams w/ Darren Virassammy
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Understanding Your Strengths To Build Stronger Teams w/ Darren Virassammy

Meaningful organizational change comes when we focus on what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong. This means understanding that not everyone thinks and operates the way that you do. When we appreciate these differences, we see them as assets that create stronger leaders, teams, and organizations.

Darren Virassammy is a TEDx speaker and the Co-Founder and COO of 34 Strong. His team believes that everyone deserves a great place to work and that any workplace can be great. As a leading expert in the global workplace engagement community, the 34 Strong team leverages a strength-based approach to human development to create massive shifts within organizations. 

When you understand how people in your organization learn best, you can identify how to best apply their strengths. Everyone thinks and processes information and ideas differently. Understanding this allows everyone to show up at their best. This creates a more effective and supportive work culture. 

To breathe life into your strengths, Darren urges leaders to guide their people to identify what exhausts them as well as energizes them. To create the foundation for great workplaces, leaders should support an environment of trust, compassion, stability, and hope.

How can you recognize the individual strengths of your people? Let’s talk about it in the comments on the episode page!


In this episode

  • What happens when we view differences as strengths
  • How team-awareness starts with self-awareness
  • The power of empathy to eliminate frustration
  • Encouraging your team to pursue what gives them energy
  • Leveraging the team’s strengths to succeed in challenging times



“It has to start with how we look at ourselves. It’s the self-awareness to team-awareness when we’re working on the culture side. But we have to start with self-awareness.” [7:35]

“We have so many unknowns that are coming at us, whatever comes at me, whatever comes at our team, I just want to make sure that people’s minds and emotional energy is showing up at the strongest level that it possibly can.” [18:49]

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. Our differences can be our greatest advantages.” [38:59]



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