Episode 114: Aunjanue Ellis - "King Richard" (2021)
Best Supporting Podcast · 66 minutes ·

Episode 114: Aunjanue Ellis - "King Richard" (2021)

2021 was a year chockfull of Best Supporting Moms, and this week we're queening out on Queen Oracene, Venus and Serena Williams' mother as portrayed by Aunjanue Ellis in "King Richard." Will Smith has our vote for Best Actor as the tirelessly stubborn and determined Richard Williams, and we're excited to see Ellis enter the incredibly competitive BSA race. We discuss the big kitchen scene, the complicated dynamics of their relationship, Best Supporting Nurses and windbreaker hugs. There's also a brief "The Lost Daughter" tangent and moments of appreciation for the Best Supporting Actor work from Jon Bernthal, Tony Goldwyn, and one scene queen Kevin Dunn. (To say nothing of Dylan McDermott in those sunglasses.)

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