Episode 5: Melissa Leo - "The Fighter" (2010)
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Episode 5: Melissa Leo - "The Fighter" (2010)

Melissa Leo wields a cigarette and a wicked Boston accent as boxing momager Alice Ward in 2010's "The Fighter," but her performance is more than just props and working class drag. This week, we queen out on her best moments, from that thing she does with her chin to the way she says the word "sweetheart." We discuss co-star Amy Adams nearly as much, as well as some tangents on Hocus Pocus, Legally Blonde, Ina Garten, our Barefoot Contessa podcasting fantasies, the magic of Amy Ryan in "The Office," our struggles with straight men, code switching, and how The Fighter isn't The Wrestler--to say nothing of our shared love for Celia Weston and the awards show we'd like to see created in her name and honor.

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