131. How To Release Anger w/ Sharon Salzberg
Heal Squad x Maria Menounos · 74 minutes ·

131. How To Release Anger w/ Sharon Salzberg

It can be hard enough learning to love ourselves and even our closest confidants, but now, we're being asked to love our enemies!?

For NYT Bestselling Author Sharon Salzberg (@SharonSalzberg), learning to love your enemies is one of the fastest ways to free ourselves from the burden of emotional unwellness, stress, anger, and depression in our own lives. In Sharon's words, hating your enemies just steals your own life force and allows them to "live rent free in your own brain."

To help us get there, Sharon provides beautiful techniques to help release anger, like mindset shifts, meditation, and remembering that anger is like "drinking poison and expecting to it to kill the bad guy."

Sharon's new book Real Change comes out tomorrow, and in the book, she connects the importance of spiritual harmony with activism, and in today's world, there may be no more important message to share.

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