No. 32 | Food Rules, Guidelines, Restriction + Freedom
The Between Meals Podcast · 30 minutes ·

No. 32 | Food Rules, Guidelines, Restriction + Freedom

How do food rules or guidelines make YOU feel? Are you someone who finds comfort or freedom in the structure and direction or do food rules always feel like restriction or toxic diet dogma to you?

In this shorter format episode I am sharing some thoughts that have been heavy on my mind lately and I am diving into why I think we need to consider that individual's perceptions and tendencies toward rules differ just as much as the individuals themselves do.

I am also sharing some of my personal concerns with the current extreme pendulum swings and the shame-inducing judgement I have seen some folks feel for their personal preferences and tendencies that may differ from others.

If you enjoyed this episode or you have any thoughts at all - please reach out, I would LOVE to hear from you.


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