Episode #4: Commitment Is Not Fun
Speak Between The Lines · 108 minutes ·

Episode #4: Commitment Is Not Fun

J Rock, King Ave, & RES are back at it discussing setting up a savings account, women stating “all men are the same”, & the effects of an absent dad in a household.  J-Rock touches on his journey of starting to save money, RES gives his thoughts on the statement “all men are the same” and the whole gang gives their perspective and personal experiences on the effects of an absent father.  Sit back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines.

Wins and Losses 1:48

If you can't afford to pay for it twice, you can't afford it 12:22

Why are all men dogs 24:03

Do guys go after a certain girl 29:48

People in the social media era 34:30

RES explains him becoming attractive in his 30s 43:55

Women going from fun to security / Committment aint fun 45:55

Everyman can change quote / guys tell stories about being friendzoned 57:58

Fatherhood 1:08:53

Catch that beat 1:38:33


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