Hello, and welcome to the Thoughts in Between podcast. I’m Matt Clifford, co-founder of Entrepreneur First and writer of the Thoughts in Between newsletter.

My big obsession in life is understanding how the world is changing. That’s why I started Entrepreneur First, where we help the world’s most ambitious people find co-founders and build technology companies from scratch. 

And it’s also why I started writing the Thoughts in Between newsletter - to explore what I see as the world’s most important emerging questions. Questions like, how will artificial intelligence change geopolitics? What happens when the world’s superpowers decide they need independent capabilities in powerful new technologies? How do we reverse scientific and technological stagnation?

In this podcast, I’m going to be exploring these questions and more through conversations with people right at the frontier of what’s happening. I’ll be talking to founders, investors, academics, journalists and others to dive into some of the big ideas from the newsletter in far more depth.


Thanks to Cofruition for consulting on and producing the show. You can learn more about Entrepreneur First at www.joinef.com and subscribe to my weekly newsletter at tib.matthewclifford.com

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