Bonus Episode: 1 Year Anniversary! 

This is our 1 year Anniversary "episode"... kinda-sorta LOL. A proper one is coming. This however is a collection of discussions over the last year that did not make previous recorded episodes. Some are things we discussed on the  mic before we started the actual episode, or i kept the mic recording after we finished the main episode and other topics of conversation started. You will get a chance to hear how we came up with a couple of episode on the spot... one still has yet to be recorded. You will hear the extra conversation with Ron Williams after the main show ended. Then there are the things that I cut out due to the running time of the a particular episode. This "episode" will give you a behind the scenes listen to what goes on during a recording session and will give you a little more incite to who the three of us are. Thank you for making us a part of you KISS Family for a year! "WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!"

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