THE ESSENTIALS: Our Favorite Moments From Season 4
The Next Big Idea · 74 minutes ·

THE ESSENTIALS: Our Favorite Moments From Season 4

We laughed. We cried. We learned.
As our fourth season draws to a close, we thought we'd share the moments we're still talking about at Next Big Idea Club HQ.
Further Listening:
• REGRETS: Daniel Pink Has a Few (And So Should You)
• VOICE: You Are What You Speak
• EXTENDED MIND: Want to Get Smarter? Try Thinking Outside of Your Brain
• FUN: How to Have More of It
• FEELING & KNOWING: Unlocking the Secrets of Consciousness
• REALITY+: Are We Living in a Simulation?
• DRUNK: Can Alcohol Make You More Creative, Sociable, and Attractive?
• DAWN OF EVERYTHING: The True History of Humanity
• LAZINESS: There's No Such Thing
• DOPAMINE NATION: Why the Modern World Puts Us All at Risk for Addiction
• BITTERSWEET: Susan Cain on the Beauty of Sorrow and Longing
• THE BOMBER MAFIA: Malcolm Gladwell on Warfare, Audiobooks, and the Future of Storytelling

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