There’s a good chance that if you were a dyke in the early aughts, then a Tegan and Sara song has the power to open up a deep well of nostalgia and possibly even regret in you. In this month’s episode, Rose and Gala harness that power for their own purposes, roping you into a Tegan and Sara retrospective chord by opening chord. Listen in your living room as we debate which hit songs belong to which signs. Let us get back in your head with an accompanying Spotify playlist :) …Celebrate the first true representation of soft butches wearing thermals under band shirts in High School (tv show based on Tegan & Sara’s teen years co-created by Clea DuVall). If those two topics don’t satiate you, enjoy a clever meal of dyketastic comparisons in the form of a game we’re calling “Sisters or ‘Sisters’.”

Listen along to our picks for each sign here :)

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